eating out with diabetes

Eating Out With Diabetes

Eating out with diabetes is not always easy. You need to keep a close eye on portions, nutrients and specific ingredients, and sometimes even deal with diabetes appetite loss, which is alright when you’re eating at home, but considerably more complicated when you’re joining friends or family at a restaurant.

Menus are tempting — a tantalizing selection is how the restaurant earns its keep — so it’s best to have a game plan before you take your seat. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid diabetic dangers like overeating, taking in too much sugar and missing your meal time. Take these strategies with you the next time you’re dining out, and you can enjoy a worry-free meal.

1. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Restaurants are the ideal setting for over-indulgence. Since you’re not making the food, you don’t know precisely what’s gone into it, and the portions are notoriously enormous. Plus, the lower on the restaurant ladder you go, the bigger the dishes tend to become (but the lower the quality of ingredients).

Remedy the problem by choosing a more upscale restaurant: finer dining establishments tend to focus on artistry and quality more than value, which means you’ll be treated to exquisitely compiled flavor in a relatively small portion.

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